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How Do I Scrape Google Maps For B2B Leads?

How Can I Scrape B2B Leads From Google Maps?

Google Maps is a great source to collect b2b data for marketing campaigns. B2B leads are extremely important if your marketing campaign promotes a business. However, getting quality leads from Google Maps can be quite tricky as it does not provide any download/export option to the user to download data. You can buy B2B sales leads from freelancers or data provider companies but most of those tend to be outdated and incomplete. On the other hand, if you are using a web scraper for Google Maps, You can build your own database of emails, phone numbers, reviews, ratings, and businesses for a targeted place, industry, or country. Yes, By using Google Maps Scraper you are able to automatically scrape thousands of business leads directly from Google Maps. Google Maps is a database of millions of businesses that contains emails, phone numbers, business names, and much more to scrape for. Google Maps actually reviews its business listings and removes most spam listings.  Furthermore, you will get a letter from Google Maps from your nearest post office when your business is live on Google Maps. This means that you can now get 100% quality business leads from Google Maps.

Find Exact Match B2B Data From Google Maps You Need With Google Map Extractor

The Google Maps Data Extractor Software works by scraping Google Maps using your specified keywords and regions. You can choose exactly what you want to scrape from Google Maps like only emails, only phone numbers, only business names, only reviews, etc.  For example, if you are searching for all hospitals in the USA, the software will go to Google Maps and search for "hospitals" for each state. The Google Maps Listing Scraper will then go through each search result and collect all data for each business listing. 

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This data can vary between Google Maps for different locations but most often includes business name, address, telephone number, email address, working hours, ratings, reviews, and more! The Google Maps Crawler works in a separate Chrome browser by emulating real human behavior which is an aspect that helps to guarantee a very high success rate in terms of the number of results produced. You can use private proxies to ensure that you do not get banned by Google Maps. The Google Maps Contact Extractor Software will rotate between all proxies to ensure that it never comes under the radar of Google Maps. The Google Maps Lead Extractor has a very handy feature that will allow you to remove all duplicate records and save your previous search history which will leave you with a spanking clean business list! Once Google Maps Data Extraction is finished, you can save all your data to an Excel, CSV, or Text file.

What Makes Google Map Extractor The Most Powerful Software Among Others Scrapers?

There are many Google Maps Scraping Tools on the internet but none come even close to Google Maps Business Listing Scraper! You can now run Google Maps Email Extractor for multiple keywords and locations and the software will automatically save every single search term as a separate spreadsheet and rename each file to your search term and add the country so that you can use the collected data easily. This is extremely useful because most business scraping tools will require you to save each record manually which can be time-consuming, especially if you are scraping for many different search terms! Simply run the software for all your targeted keywords, sit back, relax and come back to get all the scraped data in CSV or Excel file. The best feature of the Google Places Scraper that makes it more unique among other business scrapers is that it can scrape emails also from business listings and requires zero coding to use it.

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